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This data management information sheet contains the rules for the data management activities of the website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) operated by Tour App Info Kft. IN ACCORDANCE WITH REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL - (April 27, 2016) the personal data of natural persons regarding its protection and the free flow of such data, as well as the repeal of Regulation 95/46/EC (general data protection regulation) - for the purpose of compliance.

Tour App Info Kft. respects the protection of Website Visitors as natural persons related to the management of their data.

To this end, Tour App Info Kft. (hereinafter: Data Controller) ensures the security of the personal data provided electronically by the Visitor or that can be connected to it, the necessary technical and security conditions, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and the relevant domestic legal provisions, as well as all the measures that can be used to prove compliance with the law.

This information sheet forms an appendix to the "Data Management Procedure Regulations" of the Data Controller.

The Data Controller's information on data management, which is valid at all times, is available to everyone on the Website.

Data concerning the Data Controller:

Company name: Tour App Info Kft
Headquarters: 4400 Nyíregyháza, Sóstói út 70. Building A.
Company registration number: 15 09 091422
Tax number: 32301575-2-15
Phone number: +36 30 451 96 72
E-mail address:

Server operator: Tour App Info Kft.

Data concerning the Data Processor: The company does not use a data processor to process the data provided by the Visitors.

Data of the IT service provider: the company does not use an IT service provider for the operation of the website.

Scope of personal data managed on the Website:

Data recorded for the purpose of contact: Name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, data/reasons voluntarily provided by the user and not requested by the Data Controller

Legal basis for data management:

Express declaration and consent of the relevant Visitor to the processing of his personal data

The purpose of data management : The above data is provided electronically by the Visitor in order to purchase tickets for the event advertised on the Website and to make contact.

The Data Controller uses the data provided by the Visitor exclusively to describe the service it provides and to make contact.

Before, during and after entering the data, the Visitor has the opportunity at any time to familiarize himself with this data management information, which is displayed on a separate link on the Website. In order to send the ticket purchase form, you must express your consent to the processing of your personal data, and you must also declare your acceptance of the content of the data management information.

The period of retention of processed data : until the Visitor withdraws his consent to the processing of his personal data. If the Visitor requests the deletion of his personal data, the Data Controller will carry out the deletion within 3 days, and inform the Visitor of the fact.

The data is stored by the Data Controller in the mail system, the contents of which are accessed by internal staff members designated by the Data Controller.

Data managed in other ways: Through the Website – generally like all other websites – the Data Controller so-called By placing cookies, it provides certain functions and services for the proper functioning of websites and to increase the user experience. The purpose of using cookies is to analyze the use of the Website from multiple perspectives and to ensure its operation. Cookies are files or messages that are stored on the computer, smartphone or tablet when a user visits a page. Cookies contain the name of the website, the duration for which the device stores it, as well as its value, a randomly generated unique number.

Through cookies, the Data Controller manages anonymous data in order to tailor its services to the visitor's needs. These cookies exist temporarily, for the duration of browsing, they are deleted when the browser is closed. No personal identification can be made from this information.

Some cookies are therefore deleted immediately, but the information of other cookies is retained by the device until the Visitor deletes them. In addition to operational cookies, some cookies serve the convenience of Visitors, since if the use of cookies is allowed on a website, and the website thereby preserves such important information, e.g. that the Visitor has previously visited the browsed website and viewed a certain product or purchased from a website, he can review his previous searches or orders. Although these cookies can be linked to personal data, the information is not personally identifiable.

There are also cookies that provide information about which menu a Visitor visits, how much time he spends on the page, what error messages are displayed to him, so anonymous and aggregated data can also be obtained, so they are not suitable for identifying a person individually. There are also cookies that contain information for the express purpose of advertising.

The use of cookies can be controlled by users. The use of cookies can be separately enabled or disabled, which users can modify at any time within the web browser settings, and can also delete existing cookies.

Before starting to browse the site, the Visitor can find out about the operation of cookies and accept them with an express statement, being aware that the use of cookies affects the performance of the Website and the functions of the website, or may even limit the Visitor's access to some of the website's content.

The acceptance and use of cookies is therefore a choice, it is not mandatory, however, without cookies certain functions of the website will not work at all or will not work properly.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Visitor is entitled, within the framework of his rights related to personal data protection, to be informed of the facts related to data management before data management begins, which the owner of the Website ensures through the availability of the Data Management Information. The Visitor has the right to request information about the data processed about him, and may also request the correction, deletion, or restriction of the processing of his personal data, as well as the right to request data portability. The Visitor may also object to data management and has the right to appeal to a supervisory authority in the event of a complaint.

The Visitor can contact the Data Controller at the contact address indicated on the Website in case of comments, suggestions or problems concerning his personal data. The Data Controller will only accept the declaration concerning personal data from the Visitor in writing. The Data Controller is obliged to send its response in writing to the Visitor within 30 days.

The Visitor has the right to contact the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority as a supervisory authority in the event of a complaint.

The Data Controller ensures that the Visitor's personal data is provided via secure (SSL) channels in order to avoid data leakage. In the event of a data protection incident, the Data Controller is obliged to act on the basis of the mandatory incident management plan contained in its "Data Management Procedure Regulations".

The Data is stored on the Data Controller's own, secure server equipped with a firewall, as well as in a mail account with secure communication. The data will not be forwarded to third parties.

Tour App Info Kft. does not assume any responsibility for the data management of links to other websites placed on the website.

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