Subjects of the contract

Customer: Representatives of persons, businesses, and organizations who activate an order using the website's interface and who, as part of this activation process, accept the provisions of the Service Provider's General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions), Data Management Regulations and Payment Terms can become customers of the website.

Service provider: Service provider is an economic company endowed with legal personality, which ensures the operation of the website and enters into a legal relationship with the Customers as a seller during their purchases.

Service provider data

Service provider name: Tour App Info Kft.

Headquarters: 4400 Nyíregyháza, Sóstói út 70. Building A.

Email address:

Tax number: 32301575-2-15

Phone number: +36 30 451 9672


Payment information:

It is possible to pay by bank card on the Night of Horrors ticket sales website.
After successful payment, we will send an electronic invoice to the Buyer.
Tickets will only be refunded in the case of a missed event!

I understand that the following personal data stored in the user database of by the data manager of Tour App Info Kft. (4400 Nyíregyháza, Sóstói út 70. A. ép.) will be transferred to OTP Mobil Kft. as data processor. The range of data transmitted by the data controller is as follows: name, address, e-mail address.
The nature and purpose of the data processing activity carried out by the data processor can be found in the SimplePay Data Management Information Sheet at the following link:


The website shows the prices in gross form. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the prices of tickets that can be ordered from the website, provided that the change takes effect at the same time as it is published on the website. The change does not affect the purchase price of tickets already ordered.

Copyright, data protection

All data, information and the appearance and structure of the website in the form visible on the website are protected by copyright. The use of these elements without the consent of the copyright holder has legal consequences due to copyright infringement. When handling customer data, LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest. the provisions of the law in force at all times shall govern.

Filing a complaint

The Customer can report and validate any type of complaint to the Service Provider via the e-mail address or the phone number +36 30 451 9672 .

Data protection

The Service Provider acts with the increased attention and caution expected of it in protecting the personal data of the Customers or their representatives. The Service Provider takes care of the management and protection of personal data in accordance with the provisions of its data management policy, knowledge of which policy is essential for legal use of the online store and registration.

Other provisions

The security level of the website's information system is adequate, its use does not pose any risk, however, the Service Provider recommends that the Customer take basic precautions: use virus and spyware protection software with an up-to-date database, install operating system updates. Shopping on the website presupposes the Buyer's knowledge of the technical and technical limitations of the Internet and acceptance of the potential for errors associated with its technology. The Service Provider is not responsible for any damage that occurred as a result of connecting to the website. The Buyer is responsible for protecting his computer and the data on it. The Service Provider is entitled to modify the terms of these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any modification will take effect at the same time as it is published on the website. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the content of the online store without prior notice, including prices and other fees. The contracting parties will do everything in order to settle any disputed issues through negotiations.

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